Therapy Treatments

Myo- Postural therapy is a whole body, structural correction therapy that reduces pain and compensation patterns by reestablishing proper alignment and movement of the body. Pain, which can originate from any acute or repetitive use injury, car accident, or chronic condition, creates compensation patterns throughout the body. These compensation patterns arise because strength and mobility of muscles and joints are not sufficient to complete even simple, everyday tasks. 

Muscle Damage, Injuries & Treating Pain

The body compensates for these weaknesses by utilizing other muscles, which can result in further injury and pain. Myo Postural therapy resets the body by treating 250 muscles every session that reverses whole body compensation patterns and eliminates the pain felt from the initial injury. This whole body reset works to ensure that the alignment of the spine, hips and shoulders normalize, improving balance and allowing muscles to regain their full pain free range of motion.