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Myo-postural therapy is a highly effective treatment for Whiplash and soft tissue injury. Developed by a physiotherapist in the 1980s, it is not like chiropractic, physiotherapy, or massage; it corrects all the body musculature and posture from head to feet, every visit. Direct pressure is applied to muscles one at a time from head to toe to release their contraction, lengthening and relaxing the muscles of the whole body. The extra length in the muscles allows your body to reduce compensation patterns that caused by a misalignment of the body. These compensation patterns and misalignment cause pain in the body. Myo-postural therapy corrects the compensation patterns caused by acute injury or repetitive strains and can help reverse chronic conditions and heal acute pain. Myo-postural therapy resets muscle memory by changing the whole body every treatment, making it stay in the corrected position for longer between treatments.  

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