Leg + Foot


Plantar Fasciitis, Knee Pain, Shin Splints, Leg Length differences, Balance

When the lower body experiences an injury, extra stress is put on the leg and hip joints, affecting our balance by changing where our center of gravity lies. Our feet keep us moving, so often the feet muscles respond to lower body injuries by working harder to support the poor bio-mechanics of the rest of the body. The compensation by the feet leads to chronic foot pain and can cause an improper gait.

Lower body injuries also cause rotation and compression of the hip joints, which can cause one leg to become shorter than the other. This compression can cause further stress to the feet, adding to poor gait and biomechanics of the body.

Myo-postural treatment realigns the entire body so that your head, shoulders, hips, and feet are in proper alignment. It corrects and balances leg lengths, and gait patterns to help minimize any extra pressure on the shins and feet.