Charles GoodHart

Charles GoodHart is owner of the Lochend Clinic. He first graduated from the University of Calgary with a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering. He then went on to study Massage Therapy to become a Registered Massage Therapist and trained under Lise Goodhart for 3 years to become a MyoPosturologist. He has been treating patient for 10 years with Myo Postural Therapy. He became interested in Body Mechanics in University when he did a research project on Leg Length Discrepancies and their effect on gait patterns and plantar pressure. After multiple surgeries in my 20’s left me hurt, compensating and weak, Myo Postural was the key to regaining proper mechanics to live pain free and able to strengthen with a yoga practice. Twelve years of yoga practice and a yoga teacher training helps him give subtle exercises to patients with specific needs. He owes his rehabilitation to Myo Postural and finds helping people with a unique technique truly rewarding.




Lise Goodhart

Lise Goodhart was a Physiotherapist, and Massage therapist.  She developed Myo Postural therapy using her past expertise and experience in the 1980s, when she found better ways to treat patients with more complex injuries and Whiplash. Honing her skills and developing Myo Postural to what we know today over the next 20 years and clinical research on 10,000 patient. She opened Lochend Clinique and treated thousands of patients who suffered from all kinds of muscular and nerve pains until 2012.  She was extremely happy that her son Charles Goodhart was interested in Myo Postural therapy and trained and mentored him.





Murray is the clinic dog, he will welcome you and loves to be pet. He is very friendly, hypoallergenic and will dream of running in the park during your treatment.