Is there a recovery period after the treatment?

For some there is a short recovery period needed as you may experience some soreness similar to a workout the next day. Please ensure that you drink enough water the day of treatment to limit the soreness. Lochend Clinic suggest limiting any physical activity for 24 hours or longer for chronic conditions so that your body has time to accept the new posture.  


Will I be able to drive afterward?

Most patients are able to drive after the treatment, but please be alert to any changes in your reactions when you first drive. If you require extra time relaxing in the clinic prior to driving, please feel free to have a drink of water and take the time you need to fully wake up.  Patients who have been in high levels of chronic pain, or who have had severe sleep deprivation, may be very tired afterward have drastically slowed reactions. For such patients, we suggest you bring along someone who can drive for you.


What does Myo-Postural Therapy treat?

Myo-Postural Therapy rebalances distortions in the body which cause Back or Joint pain, Whiplash, Soreness, Tightness, Range of motion limitations, Nerve pain, TMJ, and Compensation Scoliosis. Chronic pain, Repetitive Strain Injuries, leg length discrepancies can causes different compensation patterns which lead to many aches and pains in different parts of the body. Myo-Postural Therapy helps eliminate the root of the problem to improve the body mechanics which reduce or eliminate your aches and pains.


What can expect if I am recovering from Whiplash?

Whiplash is a trauma and shock to all the body. Accident forces distort the whole bodily musculature and posture, not just the cervical spine, back, or part of the body.  Myo-Postural Therapy works on the entire body which allows the injury and compensation patterns involved in a car accident to be eliminated, which helps you recover from whiplash from head to toe.  Lochend Clinic shows you how to properly use Cryotherapy to remove the inflammation from your neck which dramatically helps with your range of motion and whiplash pain so you can feel better faster. Car Insurance plans cover Myo-Postural therapy under massage so please ask your Physiotherapist or Chiropractor to fill out your AB-1 and AB-2 forms to include massage treatments.

How long does a treatment take?

Please allow 90 minutes for the first treatment and 75 minutes for each subsequent treatment.


How long does it take to get well and how often do I need to return?

Most people need 3-5 treatments over the course of 3 weeks or more to feel improvement.  The patients in the worst shape need approximately 8-12 treatments, since they have had many traumas and years of physical compensation.  After recovery, treatments are recommended only every 6 months to maintain proper alignment or until another trauma.


Can Myo-Postural give relief to those suffering from Fibromyalgia?

Yes, people with fibromyalgia divide into two groups.  Many have had pain BEFORE they had symptoms of depression, fatigue etc. These people can get better with Myo-Postural Therapy. The others have had emotional distress, poor health, and fatigue BEFORE they had pain. For this last group Myo-Postural Therapy is only part of the answer to recovery.


How do your results differ from other treatments?

Patients who have done other therapies for years have the same postural distortions now as they did after their accident.  Myo-Postural Therapy reverses the root cause of the musculo-skeletal pain, resulting in long lasting results.


Should I see my family doctor before Myo-Postural?

Yes, we would like to work under your doctor’s care.  Although there are no external signs, there may be internal injury, and some medical conditions can alter recovery and symptoms.


How are Myo-Postural treatments done?

We only use our fingers and hands for precise pressure on up to 250 muscles to rebalance your body.  Muscles are released with 3-5 seconds of pressure to limit pain and inflammation. The muscles release and lengthen giving other problematic muscles space to soften. Allowing the whole body to release allows more change to happen in one treatment and the most relief can be felt in the problematic areas. There are no stretches, machines, or manipulation.

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