Shoulder + Arm


Tennis Elbow, Frozen Shoulder, Shoulders not level, Radiating pain into arm, Numbness,  Range of Motion Problems

Shoulders have an incredible range of motion, making them one of the most mobile joints in the human body. However, it is also the most susceptible to injury, and is often the source of compensation patterns in the body. After an injury or stress to the upper body, the shoulder will often elevate and rotate in response to the trauma, causing a misalignment of one or both shoulders with the rest of the body. The misalignment can be seen either as the shoulders being at different heights, or from one shoulder being rotated further forward or backward then the other. These misalignments can cause a diminished range of motion, resulting in pain, muscle tightness and nerve impingement.

Myo-Postural therapy levels out the shoulders by moving the shoulders back and down into the proper alignment, greatly improving range of motion and reducing pain felt from the injury.